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We have cleaned hundreds of different types of chimneys over the years. Each cleaning job presents a unique challenge. Different trees surround each home causing mixed types of leaves to drop on or near your chimney. Our experienced chimney sweeps have fixed many diverse chimney problems ranging from waterproofing, repairing and replacing chimney linings, chimney crowns and caps.

Chimney Sweeping:
We will thoroughly check your chimney system first then clean your chimney.

Chimney Waterproofing:
We use effective and safe water repellents to preserve and extend the life of your chimney. Our team will inspect the flashing, tuck pointing and masonry for any crumbling or damage. We’ll go over every option with you to repair and restore your chimney.

Chimney Lining:
We check your chimney lining to make sure it is intact and working correctly. The liner helps to keep the fire safely contained and properly drafted within your chimney.

Chimney Crowns:
Our team will check your chimney crown for water damage from the rain or snow. Crowns damaged by water may be cracked, crumbling or at the wrong angle. If your chimney crown is damaged, we will go over all of your repair or restoration options with you. A properly working crown will extend the life of your chimney.

Chimney Caps:
Your chimney cap prevents leaves, rodents, birds, rain and snow from entering your chimney. As part of our chimney sweep maintenance plan, we will check your chimney cap for water damage. If your chimney cap is leaking or damaged, we can order you a new high caliber stainless steel cap. We suggest only using stainless steel caps for the safety and longer life of your chimney.

Call us today at 931-739-3600 or 800-705-7503 for more information on our chimney sweep services.

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